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Artificial Intelligence Investing

Market movements are driven by human psychology and the laws of supply and demand. Unlike machines, humans cannot be in all places at all times to evaluate every potential market opportunity.

Our parent company, AI Systems™ Inc., developed a proprietary deep-learning artificial intelligence technology, the “AI Trader™”, which incorporates and utilizes a Darwinian system in which autonomous AI Trader™ agents were evolved over hundreds of thousands of years for the sole purpose of outperforming their S&P 500 benchmark.

The AI Trader™ incorporates and utilizes multiple disciplines and mathematical principles including Data Science, Deep Learning, Neuroscience, Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks.

The AI Trader™ is always learning and evolving, through monitoring real-time events and over 500,000 years of trading practice against its S&P 500 benchmark.

Our AI Trader™ recognizes, interprets and predicts key market drivers and iterates, evolves and generates sophisticated trading strategies, and continues to improve itself over time.

The AI Trader™ algorithm trades the U.S. public markets on a fully-automated basis without human intervention.

The AI Trader Dashboard


Like a Self-Driving Car,
but for Trading

The AI Trader™ is similar to a self-driving car. However, unlike navigating the open roads, the AI Trader™ navigates the open markets making real-time adjustments to your portfolio along the way.


Understanding Artificial Intelligence Investing

Can I move my money out if I want to?

Yes, you can withdraw your money at any time with no fees.

How do you define “long-term” investing?

To us, long-term investing means investing for at least five years.

What is the cost to invest?

We’re glad you asked. Our advisory fee is 1.0% per year.

What does opening a new account involve?

We ask a few questions so that we can make sure Quantrader™ is a great fit for you. Once you fund your account, we’ll invest it automatically.

Why should I choose you over competitors?

Quantrader™ is a new kind of registered investment adviser that is solely driven by fully-automated deep-learning artificial intelligence. Our clients can access their  Quantrader dashboards  at anytime to review their brokerage account investment activity and changes to their portfolio without ever needing to schedule a call. Learn more

What are my options for funding?

You can deposit cash from your bank or transfer investments from another brokerage. Learn more

What stocks does the AI Trader™ trade?

The AI Trader™ primarily selects from hundreds of ETFs and S&P 500 stocks to build your portfolio. For the complete list of stocks and ETFs click here.


Simple. Fees.


We only charge a simple 1.0% annual advisory fee on what you invest.

The more you pay in fees, the less goes into your pocket. That’s why we’re committed to keeping cost of investing as low as possible.


  • A competitive active management advisory fee.

  • The AI Trader™ selects from many low-cost investment funds and individual equities with no fees at all.


Account Balance:


Our Advisory Fee (1.0%):

$41.65 per month

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Quantrader™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of AI Systems™ Inc., a deep-learning artificial intelligence technology company specializing in the development of proprietary AI systems, platforms, products, datasets and technologies, incorporating multiple disciplines and mathematical principles including data science, deep learning, neuroscience, genetic algorithms and recurrent neural networks.  The AI Trader™ is powered by AI Systems™ Inc.

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